About Us

Founded by Jared Grier as a spin off from his already expanding custom T-shirt printing company Press Coverage, Irrelevant Apparel started with the goal to share some his favorite designs with the rest of the world.

While building Press Coverage and compiling over 5 years of printing experience, Jared created many designs that he kept to himself, almost like a mad scientist. Those designs would eventually be printed and worn as one of a kind pieces, never with intent to sell, just an expression of art. Some of these pieces worn while printing got damaged and tossed in the trash, to never be seen again. Focused on honing his craft and obsessed with the process of printing, he immersed himself in exploration, ignoring his marketing background and his designs never made it to the public. Until now...

Irrelevant Apparel is a collection of some of Jared's favorite designs, and pop culture influences. Some of these T-shirts carry on the legacy of those that came before them; others are off the wall and one of a-kind. Make an impression with a T-shirt no-one has seen before, or pick up one of our classics. All shirts are printed with care, by hand, on only the best quality shirts.